I’m noticing a small trend, amongst writers who I vaguely know or follow on t’Internet, towards writing in small doses. Actually, it’s not the writing that is important – it’s the publishing. Publishing tiny bits, semi-regularly.

So Warren Ellis has been publishing morning.computer when he can. Half-formed thoughts, but always of interest. Kate Hawkings has begun a trial period of her happiness project, Only Do One Thing. And Matt Sheret has The Bureau Of Small Observation where he scribbles a pen portrait of a stranger every weekday. Jeff Noon has been doing this sort of thing for years, of course. I’m intrigued as to how his microfiction will feel when collected into a book – the forthcoming (eventually, one day, ish) Pixel Dust.

Those links above are recommendations, by the way. Tiny bits of writing. Little and often. They take moments to read and enrich your day immensely. Most are pushed straight to your email inbox and make for lovely surprises as you flick through your morning junk and news.

This is my 3rd article and is 181 words long.

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