The strange case of …

I went to a TV event last night, and caught the premiere of ITV’s forthcoming Jekyll & Hyde series. We saw episode one and a selection of scenes from further episodes, then enjoyed a Q&A session with the writer, Charlie Higson, and the show’s commissioner at ITV.

Jekyll & Hyde was surprisingly good. This isn’t ITV’s natural domain, but they’re pitching J&H as a competitor to Doctor Who, Sherlock, and similar big international hits from the BBC. And I think they just might have cracked it.

Higson hasn’t produced another ‘Victorian London fog and top hats’ version of Jekyll & Hyde. Instead, he’s set this in the 1930s, with all the glamour (and technology) that provides. This is the story of Jekyll/Hyde’s son, who has inherited his father’s ‘curse’. There are shadowy Government agencies, villainous secret societies, more monsters than you can shake a stick at, and not one, but two, love interests. The show is slick, stylish, witty and intrinsically British.

I think it should do well.

This is my 10th article and is 168 words long.

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